2.How to compile the JSP pages manually in all applications and web servers

Tomcat uses the /tomcat/bin/jspc.bat file to make java servlets out of
 the JSPs. Run this program without parameters to view the help screen.
 It’s pretty simple and easy to use. You can set up another bat file
 to call it with parameters. Make sure to include the param “-p
 org.apache.jsp” to create all servlets in the standard tomcat package
 (package org.apache.jsp
 Once you have servlets, use the java compiler (javac) to compile the
 whole directory of servlets. ie. javac *.java The classpath used by
 the compiler must match the classpath set for Tomcat. You’ll also have
 to include in the classpath any of your custom packages that the
 servlets import.
 Be careful about file and directory permissions. The output of all
 this has to be accessible to the user account that Tomcat runs under.


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