PMP Certification – 101

I guess, if you reading this article means you have some interest in preparing for PMP certification. Acquiring PMP certification is a really challenging one and will change some one life at least by 10 percent in all aspects of project management wisdom. Here you go with few more details about PMP certification. Studying for the PMP exam is time consuming and demanding.

Following are some suggestions on how to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

1. I strongly suggest, if you want to take PMP, he should become a member of This will save you some money and will get good Magazines on Project management from PMI.

2. Before scheduling your exam, you should send an application to pmi to get the authorization letter to sit for the exam. You can fill the application by online or by mail. I suggest you to do it from online. you will get the response from PMI within 5-10 business days.

2.1 You should attend a course conducted by any PMI recognized institute (either Online or in class) to get 35 PMP Certification mandatory hours.

3. PMP exams consists of 200 questions. All of them are multiple choice questions. In that 25 questions are not part of the passing score. These questions are meant for future use by PMI. But these questions will be asked randomly across the test and you won’t find it specifically. so you need to answer every question carefully.

4. Passing score now is 61%.

5. To pass PMP exam, you need to go through PMBOK book by PMI for at least three times. Even if you are a very much experienced project manager, you should answer the questions in PMBOK terminology.

6. Generally you can eliminate two multiple choices easily but remaining two were mostly identical. You should answer the one which is nearly related to PMBOK terminology.

7. Persons with lots of project management experience might fail this test and a person with minimal project management experience and well acquainted with PMBOK book might pass the test.

8. Read all answers thoroughly before selecting one. Just don’t select first answer with out reading rest of them.

9. Generally you can answer nearly 100 questions easily and but rest of the questions will be tricky and will confuse many test takers.

10. Exam duration will be four hours and there is no need to rush to complete the test. Normally test takers mean time of completing this test is anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.

11. On the first pass answer all questions and select the question which you are not certain for ‘Review’. Once you are done with the all questions and then come back to check for those review questions.

12. Don’t leave any questions un answered. You have to answer all of them.

13. General tendency is that test takers who take the test in the morning session got more positive results. But it totally depends on your choice.

14. Do lot of practice questions instead of just reading the theory and sitting for the exam.

15. […will update this article in due course…]


37 Responses

  1. No matter what anyone’s view is on the PMP Certification, it is currently the Global standard in Project Management. For the Nay Sayers out there, I implore you to visit or and search for Project Manager jobs. You’ll notice that the majority of employers “Prefer” if not require PMP Certification as a qualification.
    The PMP Exam may only be a test and a fairly difficult one at that, but at the root of the PMBOK is some very industry agnostic methodology that can be applied to any project whether IT or Construction. The PMBOK is not designed to be a specific roadmap to every projects destination, but rather map itself. All you have to do is choose the best road to follow.
    I believe in the value of the PMP. Did you know?
    1. The PMP Cert was recently ranked the No. 4 Hottest Certification for 2006.
    2. Having a PMP Certification means you can command a higher salary has the details.

    Visit ReadySetPassfor your PMP Exam Preparation needs. Quickly and Easily Learn To Pass The PMP Exam. We offer hands-on Project Management Professional Exam Preparation materials, online exam simulation and e-learning virtual classroom training. All over the World, we help individuals, companies and organizations leverage Project Management knowledge and education. Our methods create productive benefits for employees, customers, and other internal and external organizational partners. Our customers choose when, where, and how they want their training solutions delivered.

  2. I am disgusted I attended a 4 day PMP boot camp by PMTI spent two months going to website to take 4 simulation exams. I sat for the exam on 03/22/07 and only got a whopping 46% I think I got 96 questions correction needed 10 or 12 more correct to pass the exam. How do I get closer to the real questions on the real test. The real PMP questions and its questions are much harder than what PMTI or has on it’s web site.

    • Hi,

      I am also surprised by your comments. I do not have much information about PMTI. But I have had a great time with PMstudy. I had taken their online tests and then subsequently took their 4 day Bootcamp and I must say I was mighty impressed with them.

      The best part was that I passed the exam last month with flying colors and I could relate the questions to the preparation provided by the Instructor.

      I would advise anyone using this forum to definitely try PMstudy for their exam preparation.


      • I am surprised by both of your comments. I was recommended to go with PMTI and not PMStudy by colleagues at my company. They all passed their exam first time after attending 4pmti. I was pleased I made the right choice with PMTI since I passed the exam on day 5 right after the class. Their US-based customer support was outstanding, their course material and instructor were second to none. I would have never passed the test with such ease without the hand-holding of PMTI. Thank you pmti! I highly recommend it.

  3. I am surprised with your comment on PMTI and PMStudy. I was also in a PMTI bootcamp and everyone of our class members passed the exam on first try. It was hard for me to believe initially that all the information requred for this exam can be condensed in a 4-day bootcamp, I believe PMTI did a wonderful job at presenting it. I would not recommend anyone, but PMTI for PMP prep. Supplement their bootcamp with a free test from PMStudy and there you have it – a perfect combination for success in PMP exam. Somehow, I get the feeling that if you hit 46% after such intense preparation, perhaps, your PM experience or your ability to take such a test is ?????

  4. Dear Sir,

    I want your help I will take PMP Exam next month and I would like to receive some questions from PMP exam. I mean any one took PMP Exam last month can send me some questions which he answered in the exam or some questions can remamber.



  5. Dear Sir, I will take PMP Exam I want get same questions will come in the Exam



  6. Does everyone on this forum knows about the yahoo groups call PMHUB, now PMHUB.NET.

    Please join this group & spread the word .

    Its really very helpfull.


  7. PMTI eonline course just copies stuff from 60% of PMBOK and is misleading. I narrowly passed PMP when I easily scored 75% on all the prep test courses. I would rather study PMBOK 5-6 times which assures a comfortable pass.

  8. I took PMTI e-learning PMP prep course. My personal experience was that it was a great value for money. I could not shell out 2500 or 3500 for a classroom course. I took advantage of PMTI special price for e-learning. I passed the exam first time. The exam is indeed based on the PMBOK Guide, and they covered it well. I am glad I knew the non-PMBOK Guide content from PMTI when I took the exam. It came in handy!

  9. I have to say that Vijay comments on PMHUB is great. With a membership of 50,000 must be doing something good

  10. Who’s hiring PMP certified individuals with no college degree as Project managers in the road and bridge construction industry. I passed the practice exam and would like to get certified. I have industry specific experience and certifications but every Project Manager position offered by companies seem to want the college degree.

  11. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in PMTI and the PMP boot camp class that I took. I did all my assigned homework, memorized all the knowledge areas, memorized the math sheet. I applied for PMI membership, and I took the 35 credit hours they offer. When I arrived for class it seemed like the instructor just simply read us the book. There were no tips on how to learn the material, no tips on how to memorize the termonology, he simply read from a book for 4 days. I could have read it on my own and saved 2K. I failed the PMP test the first time I took it, studied some more and FAILED it again. They paid for my test that i failed, however I have now taken a ton of time off from work to sit for these these exams with no noticable improvement. Extreme disappointment. I will sign up for another class with another company.

  12. It`s very helpful site.

  13. I took PMTI boot camp class in May 2012 and passed on first try within 1 week after taking the class. This class was one of the best decisions I made towards my preparation for the PMP exam. Instructor was great. He stayed after the class and answered my questions. I thought the course material was very targeted and the question bank was spot on. Their customer service is top-notch. I received a good answer every time I called them with a question. I also evaluated PMStudy and TrainingCamp. Good luck with your exam 🙂

  14. I am going to give PMP exam in December on Friday just after my boot camp is over. I am going ahead with PMstudy PMP certification training.

    As of now I am going through PMstudy online pre prep course and I am very impressed.

    • I have looked at lot of providers who provide PMP exam prep bootcamps like PMstudy, PMTI, Simplilearn. I have heard a lot of good things about PMstudy from my colleagues and friends. Many of them have passed the PMP exam in their first try after taking the bootcamp with PMstudy. So, I will be enrolling for their program and giving the exam. From whatever I have heard, I know I am on my way to become a PMP.

  15. Hi, Just thought to update. I have passed my PMP exam. PMstudy PMP training was for 4 days and on the 5th day I took the exam and passed. I am very happy now, and will definitely recommend PMstudy.

  16. The PMP Bootcamp is not for everyone. Most people that take this have a bachelor or master degree and working in the field. When applying for this program, you need to have basic knowledge of Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Closing, etc. The bootcamp class is very effective. Instructor has a weath of knowledge. Do not take this bootcamp class thinking that no effort is put into preparing yourself for the exam. There is a lot of studying in order to succeed and pass the exam. The exam is separate from the bootcamp class. You have to be approved to take the exam and must provide work history showing that you have experience with projects. There is a good chance that you might be chosen and audited when applying for the exam. So be prepared. The bootcamp provides you with information needed to help you with the exam, not teach you tricks to pass without studying. It’s a marketing strategy they are using to fill up the classes. 100% guarantee. NOPE.. They can’t do it alone. 50/50..
    I am taking the exam in 1 week. Wish me luck..

  17. Hi Everyone,

    Got a lot of insight into the various providers after going through this blog.

    Going by what I have heard from my colleagues and what I have read here, PMstudy is one of the best providers around and its documented pass rate is found to be true as quoted by their website.

    I would definitely try to get funding from my organization for enrolling there.

    Looking forward to working with PMstudy for my exam preparation.


  18. Finished 4 day boot camp by PMTI last week and pleased to let you know I passed it on Friday :). The program was intense and the exam was grueling. Phew, thank God I passed. You will love PMTI’s boot camp program. The instructor I had knew all about the PMP exam. I could visualize their study guide as I was taking the exam 🙂

  19. I couldn’t thank PMTI enough. They were there with me all the way through. Unfortunately, I did not pass my first exam after taking it with PMStudy. My job required it. So, I enrolled in PMTI at my own cost and I am thrilled I have the PMP now. So much pressure is off now….Thank you, thank you, thank you PMTI for the personal coaching. Highly recommend it.

  20. Thank you for all the information in this website. I have submitted all the information PMTI provided me to our company for getting a PO. Hope to get certified next month 🙂

  21. Three of my colleagues in my PMTI Columbia, MD class passed right after the class. I am looking to take mine this weekend. I will come back and update here. Loved the class, by the way. They have a fantastic way to prepare for the exam – theory, mock exams, online courses etc.

  22. I took my PMP class room training from PMstudy in San Jose area and passed my PMP exam on my 1st attempt. The instructor was very very knowledgeable. Thanks to PMstudy and the instructor.

    Now I am part of the PMstudy referral scheme and earning some money.

  23. Just finished my class at 4PMTI in Dallas. I could not attend day 4 of their bootcamp since I already schedule to take the exam that day. Finished the 3 days and passed the exam on 4th day today. Outstanding instructor and always on customer service. Nice facility and food. Couldn’t be happier. They are giving 45 PDUs extra for an extra 3 years of PMP!! So, I am good for 6 years now 🙂 I will be sure to recommend 4PMTI to my colleagues.

  24. I am really surprised to learn that few of my colleagues who had taken the PMP classroom training from PMTI were not successful in the exam.

    Now, I am wandering on which provider i need to go with for the PMP training – Project Management Academy or PMstudy or Global Knowledge.

  25. I and my friends went to a PMStudy bootcamp. None of them in the class were happy with the books which were coming off lose and the instructor who was fresh out of PMP. We reported this to the instructor and the management. No one called or took any action. Out of 3 people from our company 2 of them have failed twice so far. We are still waiting for the re-exam fee. Someone from their India office (HQ) keeps sending us useless ads. My other colleagues who picked PMTI passed first time. They can’t stop talking about the bootcamp and how well they take care of their customers. Choose wisely.

    • How recently did your colleagues take it with PMTI? in 2011 or 2012?

    • Hi I have had a satisfactory experience with PMstudy. I got prompt responses from their team and the instructor guided me through the PMP Exam application process and helped me after class hours as well to understand concepts. I would like to emphasize that the simulated tests from PMstudy is similar to the real PMP exam which boosted my confidence before the PMP Exam. I also referred a friend and got a Amazon gift voucher for the referring which I never knew! I would rate the overall experience as pleasant and I would definitely recommend PMstudy.

  26. Happy to inform I passed the PMP exam after attending the 4PMTI pmp boot camp prep class. Very caring instructor who knew more about PMP exam than I could care for. The PMTI tests were a little harder than the PMP which was good and gave me confidence. I let PMTI know that I passed. Immediately, they sent me a 60 PDUs free offer that keeps my PMP for 3 more years. Nice deal. You can’t go wrong with PMTI if getting and keeping PMP is your goal.

  27. I always try to find positive aspects out of everything and everyone.. However, I felt that this class did not have many positive aspects to it. If anything I learned more from when a classmate was trying to explain things to me. The instructor was basically reading most of the topics in a monotone and then never explained any concepts. If the exam was on his personal life and fabricated stories I would get a high score on the exam… I failed the exam yesterday btw. I have studied Rita’s book and read the PMBOK 2 times. I hope to figure out a different study plan. Has anyone been able to get their money back?

  28. pmstudy

  29. can anybody provide any recent reviews for pmstudy or pmti in Atlanta, GA? thanks,

  30. hi as i’m Getting Training in PMP at Proventures India this Post is very much help full for and i like to suggest you Proventures for best project management institute in Hyderabad

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