11.What object that provides one point access to page, request, response, session, out, exception, config and application

A PageContext instance provides access to all the namespaces associated with a JSP page, provides access to several page attributes, as well as a layer above the implementation details. Implicit objects are added to the pageContext automatically.

The PageContext class is an abstract class, designed to be extended to provide implementation dependent implementations thereof, by conformant JSP engine runtime environments. A PageContext instance is obtained by a JSP implementation class by calling the JspFactory.getPageContext() method, and is released by calling JspFactory.releasePageContext().

  • a single API to manage the various scoped namespaces
  • a number of convenience API’s to access various public objects
  • a mechanism to obtain the JspWriter for output
  • a mechanism to manage session usage by the page
  • a mechanism to expose page directive attributes to the scripting environment
  • mechanisms to forward or include the current request to other active components in the application
  • a mechanism to handle errorpage exception processing

The following methods provide convenient access to implicit objects: getException(), getPage() getRequest(), getResponse(), getSession(), getServletConfig() and getServletContext().

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