36. Sir, do you know about jsp application object

  • This implicit object represents the application to which the JSP belongs.
  •  JSPs are grouped into applications according to their URLs where the first directory name in a URL defines the application.
  • The application object contains methods that provide information about the JSP Container, support for logging plus utility methods for example translating a relative URL to an absolute path.
Servlet Class


The following table summarises the most useful methods available to the application object.

Method Description
getAttribute(String objName) Returns the object named objName or returns null if the objName does not exist.
getAttributeNames() Returns an Enumeration containing the attribute names available within the application.
setAttribute(String objName, Object object) Stores the object with the given object name in this application.
removeAttribute(String objName) Removes the objName object from the application.
getMajorVersion() Returns the major version of the Servlet API for the JSP COntainer.
getServerInfo() Returns information about the JSP Container, typically, name and product version.
getResourceAsStream(Path) Translates the resource URL into an input stream for reading.
log(Message) Writes a text string to the JSP Containers default log file.

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