44. What the new features in JDBC 2.0

The following are the JDBC 2.0 features.

  • Resultset enhancements

    • JDBC 2.0 supports scrollable resultset capability under three major headings, namely, forward-only, scroll-insensitive, and scroll-sensitive.

    • Each of these resultsets can in turn be Read_only or Updatable. Forward_only/Read_only is feature of JDBC 1.0.

  • Batch Updates

    • automatic batch update and explicit batch update.

  • Advanced Data Types

    • The advanced data types such as objects, object references, arrays, LOBS, SQL Data, and Struct are now supported by JDBC 2.0.

  • JNDI

    • The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) is an interface to obtain network resources in a vendor independent fashion. This is available as part of the JDBC2.0 Optional Package (JDBC 2.0 Standard Extension API) and implemented by means of javax.sql package.

  • Connection Pooling

    • Connection pooling is a method where multiple consumers share a limited set of connections instead of each having to create new connections. This also includes connection caching. This is implemented by means of javax.sql package.

  • Distributed Transactions

    • A distributed transaction is a combination of two or more related transactions that execute in a coordinated manner.

    • All the individual transactions might take place in the same database, but typically, the individual transactions are in different databases and often in different locations.

    • Distributed transactions are defined as a JDBC2.0 standard extensions API and are also implemented by means of javax.sql package.

  • Other Features

    • Other features include fetch size/row prefetching. Fetch size is part of JDBC2.0 and includes methods to define the number of rows retrieved by each database fetch. 


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