49. What is the difference between statement and prepared statment?

  • Prepared Statement is Pre-compiled class , but Statement is not.
  • So in PreparedStatement the execution will be faster.

Actually when u submit a simple statement to the databse, at first the DBMS parses it and sends it back with the result, so again when u send the same statement again the DBMS server parses it and sends back the result so here a lot of time is wasted and because the statement is again parsed though it has been sent twice or thrice it consumes a lot of time and response will be slow.Prepared Statement is used when u want to execute a statement object many times. when u submit a PreparedStatement the DBMS server parses it and creates a execution plan. This e-plan can be used when u again send the same statement to the database.That is the DBMS server zest executes the compiled statement rather that executing it from first, hence we get an precompiled statement.And also the advanatge of using this PreparedStatement is it is used to send dynamic sql statements, which u can give values later than giving the values at the time of creation.


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  4. This is sufficient and enough theory to understand

  5. please give me full details

  6. Where is the execution plan Stored ? I just want to ask where is the precompiled statement stored ?

    Is it stored in JVM or the Database ?

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  8. Just give full details.

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