55. How do you implement Connection Pooling

Connection Pooling can be implemented by the following way. 

  1.  A javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource interface that serves as a resource manager connection factory for pooled java.sql.Connection objects. Each database vendors provide the implementation for that interface. 
    1. For example, the oracle vendors implementation is as follows: oracle.jdbc.pool.oracleConnectionPoolDataSource Class. 
  2. A javax.sql.PooledConnection interface encapsulates the physical connection for the database. Again, the vendor provides the implementation.

Code for connecting the connection pooling

InitalContext ic=new InitialContext();

Hashtable ht=new Hashtable();


//u have to set weblogic properties first and the jndi name that u r defining in 

//weblogic while creating the connectionpool



ht.put(“Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS”,passwordof weblogic);

DataSource ds=(DataSource)ic.lookup(“jndiname”);

Connection con=ds.getConnection();

Statement stmt=con.createStatement();


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