77. What are differences between <bean:message> and <bean:write>

<bean:message>: This tag is used to output locale-specific text (from the properties files) from a MessageResources bundle. 

<bean:message key=”label.search.name”/>

<bean:write>: This tag is used to output property values from a bean. <bean:write> is a commonly used tag which enables the programmers to easily present the data.

<bean:write name=”student” property=”age”/>


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  1. Thanks

  2. Examples:
    1.Message tag allows externalzed messages from the ApplicationResources.properties file and to be inserted into the JSP at run time.

    2.Write tag is used to render the value of an object to JSP’s output stream

    It returns the getMarks() value of the Student object.

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  4. Fine

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  6. name=”student” , student is what?? a jsp file or a java file??

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