82. Describe the differences between XML and HTML


User definable tags

Defined set of tags designed for web display

Content driven

Format driven

End tags required for well formed documents

End tags not required

Quotes required around attributes values

Quotes not required

Slash required in empty tags

Slash not required


4 Responses

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  2. Hello,

    That is nothing but in software field ,it is remarkable things because xml used as storing data as mainly middle layer between front-end and back-end but in html we performed any things related to representation
    and description. Both are different thing in software field and also used for different purposes.


  3. Hi,

    XML and HTML both are different things in software field.Some people known as xml is advanced version of html but it is not true because both are used in software field as different pourpose as xml used for storing and maintaing but html is maimly for descripting purpose.


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    It might be useful for you.

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