95. Hibernate Drill One

1. What is Hibernate
2. What are ORM tools
3. What is Object/relation paradigm mismatch
4. What role does the session interface play in Hibernate
5. What is sessionFactory interface
6. What is Configuration interface
7. What is the naming convention of Hibernate XML mapping file extensions
8. What are the most common methods of configurating hibernate
9. How can the mapping files be configured in Hibernate
10. What happens when both hibernate.properties and hibernate.cfg.xml are in the classpath
11. Sinsce sessionFactory instances arenot lightweight, where is the single created instance planced in j2ee environment.
12. How to set Hibernate to log all generated SQL to the console.
13. In hibernate, what inerfaces/classes must the persistent classes
14. Does hibernate require persistent classes to implementn Serializable.
15. What methods must be the persistent classes implement in Hibernate
16. How can Hibernate be configured to access a instance variable directly and not through a setter method.
17. What is dirty checking in Hibernate.
18. What is the root level element in a hibernate mapping file?
19. Is it possible to declare mappings for multiple classes in one mapping file?
20. How are the individual properties mapped to different table columns?
21. What are derived properties?
22. How can you make a property be read from the database but not modified in anyway (make it immutable)?
23. How can a whole class be mapped as immutable?
24. What is the use of dynamic-insert and dynamic-update attributes in a class mapping?
25. Name types of inheritence models and describe how they work? (such as vertical inheritence, horizontal, etc)
26. Study some hibernate files and write a query based on some set of information.
27. How would you go about creating hibernate classes and XML on a new set of tables? (hint: think code generation).
28. How hibernate is related to J2EE
29. What is component mapping in hibernate?
30. what is lazy fetching in hibernate
31. What are the types of inheritence models and describe how they work like vertical inheritence and horizontal
32. what is the difference between beans and hibernate(which one is good)?
33. what is the advantage of Hibernate over jdbc?
34. how to create primary key using hibernate?
35. What is the difference between sorted and orderd collection in hibernate?
36. Why do you need ORM tools like hibernate?

(Aboved questions are not yet edited for format. Answers are on its way.. till then test your self with the above questions.)

7 Responses

  1. […] 95. Hibernate Drill One […]

  2. Hibernate is an open source frame work, that is work with the relational database,its object/relational mapping tool.

  3. I think hibernate is same as the EJB 3.0

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