What are SOAP attribtutes

A client can use SOAP attributes to specify how SOAP messages should be processed.

SOAP attributes are generally used to specify the serialization rules to indicate the recipient of the Header element of the SOAP message.

Attributes also indicate whether or not the recipient should process certain header entries.


The mustUnderstand attribute states whether or not the SOAP processor should process the header information. The usage of this attribute is given below:

soap:mustUnderstand = "true"

After the mustUnderstand attribute is set to true, the SOAP toolkit needs to compulsorily process the statement. If the toolkit is unable to process the statement, it should return a fault code signifying that there was an error in interpreting the statement.

example 2:

The actor attribute of a SOAP message specifies URI to indicate who should receive the Header element of the SOAP message. If no URI is specified, it is assumed that the ultimate SOAP receiver should receive the SOAP message.

The actor attribute has the following syntax:


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