What are the advantages of XML

XML is free form which means that you can configure it any way you want. It’s also very easy to read – you don’t have to read cryptic code to figure it out.
It was designed specifically for internet protocols, and this makes it simple to transmit an XML document across, for example, a HTTP protocol.
Strong data typing is available for xml, and it is also compatible with the SGML standard.

XML is Application independent – you can transfer XML data from a C language program to a Visual Basic program. Or you could, for example, have XML data going from one server out across the internet and being picked up by another application running on a Unix box. XML is also platform independent – it works equally well on Windows, UNIX, or for example, a CICS on a mainframe.
XML is also language independent so it doesn’t matter what type of programming language you’re using – C, Visual Basic, ASP using JavaScript. It doesn’t matter – all have mechanisms to read an XML document.

XML is Unicode-based which makes it very flexible and very good for operating across languages like English, Spanish, or French. You can describe all these types of languages since it’s in Unicode.
A huge benefit of XML is that it’s license free –
it doesn’t cost anything to use XML.


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