How to Improve JSP Page performance

  • Use the jspInit() method to cache static data, and release them in the jspDestroy() method.
  • Use the jspInit() method to cache static data.
  • Use StringBuffer rather than using + operator when you concatenate multiple strings.
  • Use the print() method rather than the println() method.
  • Use a ServletOutputStream rather than a PrintWriter to send binary data.
  • Initialize the PrintWriter with the optimal size for pages you write.
  • Flush the data in sections so that the user can see partial pages more quickly.
  • Minimize the synchronized block in the service method.
  • Avoid creating a session object with the directive <%@ page session=”false” %>
  • Increase the buffer size of System.out with the directive <%@ page buffer=”12kb” %>
  • Use the include directive instead of the include action when you want to include another page.
  • Minimize the scope of the ‘useBean’ action.
  • Custom tags incur a performance overhead. Use as few as possible.
  • Use the application server’s caching facility, and the session and application objects (using getAttribute()/setAttribute()). There are also third-party caching tags available.
  • Session mechanisms from fastest to slowest are: session, Hidden fields, Cookies, URL rewriting, the persistency mechanism.
  • Remove ‘session’ objects explicitly in your program whenever you finish the session.
  • Reduce the session time-out as low as possible.
  • Use ‘transient’ variables to reduce serialization overheads.
  • Disable the JSP auto reloading feature.
  • Tune the thread pool size.

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    Passion in what you feel and in putting it into words is a true
    gift. Your insightful post includes the perfect
    fusion of enthusiasm and well-written, interesting material
    that I’ve grown to love and admire.

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