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  1. Gr8 work !!!!! this is most useful site to the java community ppl and it is like a refill station for all javains.

  2. Excellent blog, its fantastic!!

  3. A holistic framework for both freshers & less experienced professional

  4. Gr8 Work!!


  5. Very Very Thanks.It is very useful for me.
    Pls carry on

  6. great site with tons of info, very helpful, one suggestion it would be great if we have a printer friendly page for each page, can have it on wordpress by just adding this plugin wp-print, you can find more info on this here
    WP-Print – Displays a printable version of your WordPress blog’s post/page.

  7. great job!!this is healthy information for java buddies for huntting job , one small sugesstion if u add some more information abt j2ee design patterns and project arch questions and tips it will be very helpful


  8. thanks for sharing the knowledge

  9. Very helpful, very informative.

    Thanks for all your effort! Keep up the good work!

  10. Nice Job.

    Some time we forget small things when we grow. I think this site is very useful for quick refresh.

  11. Terrific Job! Well Done………..!!!!!

  12. Why is the site not getting upated..
    it has been 2 mnths since the last update happened..
    can the admin..take it up tp update site..
    after all..this site is too good for beginners…
    and as a reader of ths site..i don’t want to see this..get static…at any pt of time….
    please take positively… šŸ™‚

  13. Hii
    Nice work.
    i 2 have similar kind of stuff.
    i will post it to my URL that will be useful 2 freshers.
    my URL is http://www.viswanathev.blogspot.com

  14. Good Work

  15. good collection of questions. follow this link also to get some more stuff on java

  16. Not spamming your website, but just sharing my related blog. I blog for advanced java programmers and I provide tutorials with compiled and tested working source code for free.

    I am a working professional and blog when I am free. You will see a new articles at least once a week.

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  17. hi..thnx for the info regarding CVS intallation and configuration.
    however can u also let me know if CVS can be installed on Win server 2008 64 bit edition.
    i cam across errors while configuring the same.

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