PMP Certification – 101

I guess, if you reading this article means you have some interest in preparing for PMP certification. Acquiring PMP certification is a really challenging one and will change some one life at least by 10 percent in all aspects of project management wisdom. Here you go with few more details about PMP certification. Studying for the PMP exam is time consuming and demanding.

Following are some suggestions on how to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

1. I strongly suggest, if you want to take PMP, he should become a member of This will save you some money and will get good Magazines on Project management from PMI.

2. Before scheduling your exam, you should send an application to pmi to get the authorization letter to sit for the exam. You can fill the application by online or by mail. I suggest you to do it from online. you will get the response from PMI within 5-10 business days.

2.1 You should attend a course conducted by any PMI recognized institute (either Online or in class) to get 35 PMP Certification mandatory hours.

3. PMP exams consists of 200 questions. All of them are multiple choice questions. In that 25 questions are not part of the passing score. These questions are meant for future use by PMI. But these questions will be asked randomly across the test and you won’t find it specifically. so you need to answer every question carefully.

4. Passing score now is 61%.

5. To pass PMP exam, you need to go through PMBOK book by PMI for at least three times. Even if you are a very much experienced project manager, you should answer the questions in PMBOK terminology.

6. Generally you can eliminate two multiple choices easily but remaining two were mostly identical. You should answer the one which is nearly related to PMBOK terminology.

7. Persons with lots of project management experience might fail this test and a person with minimal project management experience and well acquainted with PMBOK book might pass the test.

8. Read all answers thoroughly before selecting one. Just don’t select first answer with out reading rest of them.

9. Generally you can answer nearly 100 questions easily and but rest of the questions will be tricky and will confuse many test takers.

10. Exam duration will be four hours and there is no need to rush to complete the test. Normally test takers mean time of completing this test is anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.

11. On the first pass answer all questions and select the question which you are not certain for ‘Review’. Once you are done with the all questions and then come back to check for those review questions.

12. Don’t leave any questions un answered. You have to answer all of them.

13. General tendency is that test takers who take the test in the morning session got more positive results. But it totally depends on your choice.

14. Do lot of practice questions instead of just reading the theory and sitting for the exam.

15. […will update this article in due course…]